Goose's Commissions


-Must be 18+ to purchase Nsfw
- Complete the commission form.
-Payment is to be sent in full before I start.
- Payment is sent to PayPal @ goosechaser
- One form per commission (the form includes space for multiple characters)

What I'll Draw


  • Nsfw art

  • Furry/Anthro

  • Animals

  • Human/Humanoids

  • Mechanical (Robots, Mechs, etc.)

  • Characters from media (Books, tv, movies, etc.)


  • Nsfw of minors

  • Nsfw depicting illegal acts

  • Stolen characters or recolors

  • Excessive gore/Body Horror

All art comes with simple shading and background included

$5 USD

Small Icons
(Head, Bust, or Full body)

-Head Shots-
$10 USD

Character Heads

$15 USD

character heads and Shoulders

-Full Body-
$20 USD

Full body character

Additional Charges

Complex Background +$10
Additional Character + $15
Detailed Shading + $8
Detailed Reference sheet +$10

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